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About Puramax

All men understand the desire to perform sexually.

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Puramax Male Enhancement Formula is 100% pure herbal alternative to Synthetic enhancing sex products. Its powerful combination of herbs blended into a capsule that provides a highly efficient supplement to enhance your sexual performance. By taking our advanced formula you will experience a vast improvement in your size and performance, as well as increased energy, libido (sexual desire) and pleasure during sexual activity. Greatly reduced premature ejaculation whilst never experiencing any negative side effects.

Almost every man has experienced a time in their lives when their erection is less strong than they would like, not to mention the millions of men worldwide who suffer from the effects of erectile dysfunction and the frustration of searching for an effective product.

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Look no further! Puramax is a fast, safe and effective product available that is guaranteed to assist with eliminating erectile dysfunction as well as boost sex drive obtaining and maintaining a harder erection, Puramax has been developed using a perfect balance of superior quality herbal ingredients that 100% ensures you will stay hard as long as you want when you want!

The beautiful thing about Puramax is that you don't have to take it for weeks or months to feel its revitalizing effect. That's because Puramax works within 30 - 60 minutes for a vast majority of the individuals... Even without sexual stimulation.

The effects of Puramax Formula are designed to last, so your performance can occur naturally, as and when you want it.

Why Puramax Works

Puramax assists the body in producing nitric oxide to relax smooth muscles and allow healthy sexual function. This nitric oxide will bind with another substance to form the enzyme cyclic guanosine monophosphate ( CGM ). CGM works through a process of activity that will loosen and relax the artery walls of the penis and allow them to become engorged with blood. Scientists discovered that release of nitric oxide from nerve endings in the penis is what causes an erection. Researchers later found that after the initial release of nitric oxide triggers an erection, blood vessels release more nitric oxide to harden and maintain the erection.

Without sufficient blood flow to the penis, a man will be unable to get an erection.

The penis contains two cylindrical, sponge-like structures that run along its length, parallel to the tube that carries semen and urine (urethra). When a man becomes sexually aroused, nerve impulses cause the blood to increase greatly. This sudden influx of blood expands the sponge-like structures and produces an erection by straightening and stiffening the penis.

Once the penile arteries are completely swollen and engorged, an erection is created.

Continued sexual arousal or excitation maintains the higher rate of blood flow, keeping the erection firm. After ejaculation, or when the sexual excitation passes, the excess blood drains out of the spongy tissue, and the penis returns to its non erect size and shape.

Puramax has been developed using a perfect balance of superior quality herbal ingredients to achieve these results indefinitely!


  • Powerful Long Lasting Erections
  • Increases Sexual Stamina
  • Works within 30 - 60 Minutes
  • 100% Effective
  • No Negative Side Effects
  • Increased Libido
  • Improvement in Sexual Performance
  • No Prescription required
  • Improves sex drive
  • 100% herbal formula
  • Greatly reduced premature ejaculation
  • Increased Virility
  • Designed to last
  • Boost testosterone level
  • Maintain kidney sufficiency
  • Boost energy and reduces backache
  • Chemical Free
  • Orgasm Intensification
  • Stronger Erections



“The herb is called Horny goat weed in English”


Epimedium is one of the most potent aphrodisiacs available for both men and women. The flavonoid content promotes the stimulation of sensory nerves, particularly in the genitals, and its use supports increased sexual arousal, as well as copulation activity and testosterone levels. Testosterone stimulates centers of the brain having to do with increased sexuality in both men and women, and in several studies that were conducted, it was demonstrated that Epimedium does, in fact, appear to enhance sexuality and quality of sex life. It also increases blood flow and improves sexual performance!

Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali)

“potent aphrodisiac”


For centuries it has been used as an aphrodisiac but also boasts other attractive properties such as the reduction in fatigue and improvement in energy. Tongkat Ali has also been used for improving physical performance and building muscle. Scientific research has shown in an increase in overall physical performance, as well as raised levels of testosterone. It has also has been attributed to enhanced sexual arousal and an increase in libido.

Rhodiola Sacra (root)

“Has been used as a powerful sex tonic for thousands of years”


Rhodiola Sacra purifies the blood. Improves and purifies the overall quality of the blood and boosts the immune system and improving circulation. It has been found to be a best lenitive for angina cause by coronary artery insufficiency. Also, it was discovered that it had great success in treating the effects of radiation, a lack of oxygen, senility, toxins and fatigue.

Panax Ginseng

“Well known aphrodisiac”


Panax Ginseng (root), has been used for thousands of years for its health benefits both restorative and enhancement of mental and physical capacities. Panax ginseng (also known as Korean ginseng) is the original true ginseng and has the highest potency. Panax ginseng is a tonic herb that is widely taken to improve overall health and longevity. It has been used for centuries to treat impotence, sharpen the mind, boost energy and reduce stress. Studies confirm that ginseng helps the body to adapt and protect against the effects of stress and fatigue.


“Multiple medicinal properties”


The root, is traditionally used in a range of afflictions from menopause to broken bones. As a topical application, the root are said to expedite the healing of cuts and bruises, skin irritations and inflammations, and as a face wash is good for acne, blemishes and all kinds of imperfections of the skin. When consumed as a tea, it is said to alleviate a range of symptoms associated with menopause, indigestion, diabetes, broken bones, insomnia, kidney pains, and even infertility.

Herba Cistanche

“Enhances sexual function”


Herba Cistanches is a herb often used to help naturally combat impotence and increase sperm count. Its long tradition cites many positive attributes. It is used to increase sexual virility, enhance metabolic activity and heighten sexual stimulation.

Cinnamon Extract

“Promotes the circulation of vital energy and blood”


Warm and invigorate spleen and kidney: For insufficiency of kidney with soreness and coldness of the loins and legs, impotence, emission, enuresis or frequent micturition, dysuria edema; Promote the circulation of vital energy and blood: For insufficiency of vital energy and blood.

Quality Guarantee

cGMP Lab

Unlike most Performance Capsules, We‘re Proud To Be (GMP) Inspected and Compliant!

"Good manufacturing practice" or "GMP" is a term that is recognized worldwide for the control and management of manufacturing and quality control of foods, pharmaceutical products, and medical devices

We carefully monitor and document every step of production, from raw material analysis to final product inspection. The scientific support of our technical services, analytical, quality control and quality assurance groups are unrivalled in our industry.

We work to continually to improve our organization in the way that all work activities are planned, performed, measured, and improved! Our personnel are trained from the start of their employment and then on a continuous basis.

All phases of production and performance are monitored by internal and external audits to assess the adherence to the standard operational procedures of each department. We also maintain auditing programs to verify our suppliers' ability to provide consistent products meeting our strict quality requirements.

Rest assured that we take both Quality and Safety of Puramax very seriously.