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I feel compelled to write and thank everyone at puramax. I have found that this herbal medication has probably saved my relationship.Due to a busy job and lifestyle I have sometimes struggled to get motivated and aroused for sex. This little pill has changed all that. I take one and within the hour I am ready for some serious action. I was sceptical about it even though I had read the testamonials but needed to try something to get my libido back. It makes you harder for longer and stops you climaxing too quickly. I am thoroughly pleased and will be ordering another batch shortly oncd again many thanks


Puramax is an amazing product. It works within an hour or even less and has had an amazing impact and sex just feels amazing. You can be rock hard whenever you want the effects on me have been felt for up to 5 to 6 days without any exaggeration. I recommend this to anybody who wants to have a great night, and as with this product you can feel a massive difference. The rock hard effect lasts for ages and after you climax, you can be ready for round 2 within 10 minutes and it makes you last for ages, all i am going to say is WOW what a product! Sex just feels amazing!


21, London

At fast approaching 53 I was beginning to think that my days of being a randy goat were over as ED had seemed to set in. Took a long while to face the embarassment of going to see the GP but I eventually did and came away with a little box of Levitra (Vardenafil) and a significantly lighter wallet! They worked after a fashion but not as well as I'd hoped.

So, in a last-ditch effort I decided to trawl the web and see what alternatives there were - read a lot of stuff and there's lots of claims out there, in fact it's a real minefield. I kept getting drawn back to the Puramax website for a number of reasons; it looked well laid out and didn't look like it had hastily been put together by someone trying to make a fast buck plus there was something offered that no-one else seemed to be offering, a 100% money back guarantee.

So, being a bit of a cynic and rather skeptical, on Monday afternoon I called them and had a chat with one of their guys, the culmination of which was I ordered a supply which duly arrived on Tuesday - there's service!

All I can say is - THEY WORK! THEY REALLY DO WORK! Had one on each of the last 2 days and the results are pretty amazing - I can't exactly remember the last time the old member performed like this but it was definitely some years back. The effect is genuinely surprising, in fact pretty awesome - rock hard within the hour and once it's up, it's up!! Ejaculation (when it happens) hardly seems to have an effect and after a slight pause I'm ready and able for the next round!

All I can say is that it seems to be incredible stuff and I wish I'd found it sooner. I wouldn't normally send a testimonial to a product supplier but decided to on this occasion because if there's any guys out there that have had the worry that I and some others have had then I want them to know that there is something you can do about it. What's more it's probably more effective and cheaper than anything you're possibly likely to get from a GP. TRY IT - I GENUINELY DOUBT YOU'LL BE DISAPPOINTED.


Age 52, Lincolnshire
I was skeptical at first when I received my Puramax trial pack, but around an hour after taking one I was shocked to find I had an unbelievable erection!


Age 43, Manchester
Good God! Puramax really works!!! Ive bought products before like yours and Puramax is the only product that worked. Kept me hard for what seemed like a lifetime! haha :)


Age 37, From Belfast
When i bought Puramax i didn’t expect to be here writing how wonderful it is! Call me an old sceptic but i certainly didn’t hold out much hope but i feel that the makers of Puramax needed commended and have to say ‘pure performance’ indeed! Excuse the clich? but looks like there’s life in the old dog yet. Thank you


Age 59, United Kingdom
Received your trial pack today. Arrived pretty quick along with the effects. Biggest boner ive had in years!! Lovin the foil packaging too fits pretty sweet in the wallet next to my condom! ;)

Jesse Roberts

Age 26, Toronto
If you are unsure...... don't be, this is the best on the market. I was unable to achieve a full erection until I took Puramax, now with or without a girl I am getting the hardest and horniest erections ever and it lasts, even the next day. Puramax...... love the stuff!


Age 34, New Zealand
Didnt hold much hope, especially after an hour of taking Puramax! Didn’t noticed a thing until half way thru having sex and boy did it kick in! Think my girlfriend was more surprised than i was im not ashamed to say! Recovery time was halfed too, just placed a second order.


Age 43, Ohio USA
Tried one at around 7pm last night. Left it for an hour then tried to see if there was an effect. It worked! Have to say I'm taken aback by this stuff. It knocks the socks of everything I’ve tried. It's been in my system for about 21 hours now and is still working fine (think I've been erect for about half of those!). Only downside is that I struggled to sleep last night but not sure how much of this is down to the Puramax. So it's a huge thumbs up from me, both for the pill and the service


Age 49, Swansea
I have never writtten a testimonial before but feel compelled to do so having tried your product. It really works!! 35 minutes after taking a pill I was rock hard and stayed that way for the next 2 hours until I came. The effect lasted for nearly 3 days. My penis also seems to be permanently bigger in the flaccid state too. No side effects. Just a solid erection without any stimulation. Thanks also for the efficient service. Keep up the good work.


30, Australia
This stuff is awesome, apart from the strong smell and taste of the pill itself!. no bad side effects. Well unless an insatiable erection is a problem, which I suppose sometimes it can be lol. Ordered another 10. Thanks

Tony Black

Age 53, Queensland
just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the speedy delivery of my Puramax. Ordered Sunday delivered Tuesday. Thanks

Steven McFarlane

Age 29, Edinburgh
I'm 68 and in the past I have suffered from occasional erectile difficulties and have tried V. It was expensive, I needed a prescription and I suffered very worrying side-effects. But with Puramax I have the confidence, knowing I can come up with goods every time. I rate it better than V. I would also like to thank the chap for answering all my questions and sending me a free sample of Puramax! Great job.

Roger Thornton

Age 68, Cumbria
I knew something was happening when i started feeling a bit flushed, could definitely feel it in my system and for sure there was the desired effect! My erection was a lot fuller, rock solid in fact. It lasted on and off for a couple of days. It definitely increased my sex drive and performance!


Age 45, Wales
I had been considering consulting my Doctor about by V, but never did, as I prefer a naturopathic approach to my health. I was sceptical as to how a herbal supplement could improve my erection issue... but let's just say my partner is very pleased. Better still, ordering it online meant I didn't have to go to the health store counter with a red face.


Age 52, Germany