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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What Type of Guarantee Do I Get?

A. We offer a 30 day full money back guarantee which means buying Puramax is completely risk free! We are so confident you will be completely satisfied with your purchase that we send you a sample of Puramax (2 capsule trial pack) along with your order. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied you will receive a FULL money back guarantee, no questions asked!.

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Q. What Exactly is Puramax?

A. One capsule contains 450 mg of the finest active herbs. Puramax is a pure natural herbal formula that works to improve sexual health and strengthen erections. Puramax is a safe alternative to synthetic products, pure all-natural blend of carefully selected herbs valued for their special properties, which we combine into an incredibly powerful effective formula. Ingredients in Puramax have a revitalizing effect on the whole body helping you to enjoy your life in full.

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Q. How Does Puramax Work?

A. Puramax assists the body in producing nitric oxide to relax smooth muscles and allow healthy sexual function. This nitric oxide will bind with another substance to form the enzyme cyclic guanosine monophosphate ( CGM ). CGM works through a process of activity that will loosen and relax the artery walls of the penis and allow them to become engorged with blood. Once the penile arteries are completely swollen and engorged, an erection is created.

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Q. Will Puramax increase my Sexual Performance?

A. Yes, Puramax (pure performance) will increase the strength and rigidity of your penis, also both the length and girth will be increased in size and you will see a huge reduction of premature ejaculation.

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Q. Are the Results Permanent?

A. The effects of taking Puramax will continue consistently if you constantly to take the recommended dosage. The desired results are achieved via ingestion. Once your maximum performance is achieved, you can reduce your dosage to 2 tablets per week. This reduction in dosage will not compromise erection size or fullness, as long as you have used it long enough to achieve your maximum performance.

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Q. How should I use Puramax Formula?

A. Dosage may vary slightly from person to person. We recommend initially taking one capsule with warm water, 30-60 minutes prior to activity. If possible, take between meals. The results will be clearly noticeable within 60 minutes and results can last up to 72 hours. If you find the strength of one capsule to be too strong we recommend cutting one capsule in half and consuming in the same way. As Puramax is an all-natural product, it can be taken as a daily supplement.

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Q. Will there be any Side Effects?

A. There are no known side effects. Puramax is a non-prescription formula that is proven to be 100% safe.

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Q. Can I take Puramax if I have a Medical Condition?

A. Puramax is herbal and it is not known to affect any medication. However, if you are on any medication at all, we do recommend you check with your doctor before using it.

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Q. Do you ship discreetly?

A. We are 100% dedicated to maintaining your privacy. All orders are shipped directly to your specified address in plain, unmarked packaging.

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Q. I am concerned about ordering over the internet. Is my transaction secure?

A. Your credit card details are always encrypted and never stored. We are a registered UK company and handle thousands of transactions worldwide

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